World Photographic and our strategic partnerships

World Photographic is currently working with several global charitable organizations including the Peace Corps, Dominica’s Nature Enhancement Team, Hands Across the Sea, Open Books – Open Minds, the Luebo Partnership of University Presbyterian Church at the University of Texas and more.


 is dedicated to educate photographic communities and Individuals in the craft of photography while exposing their audience to global ecological and humanitarian issues that effect all members of the human population.

Check out our newest documentary that we did for Open Books – Open Minds. This World Photographic production was produced to serve Hands Across the Sea, the Peace Corps and local business owners as they inspire the children of the Caribbean to learn how to read.

Our next project – Shedding Light on Hunger, to be filmed in Austin, Texas! For more information, contact Randy Kerr at or Doug Box at

Through strategic partnerships, will become an empowering force educating through the craft of photography and sustainable ecological habits. We are committed to share online data with environmental not for profit groups and agencies such as:

Peace Corps, Open Books Open Minds, Hands Across the Sea, various Nature Enhancement Teams

Congo Lady by Randy KerrWorkshops include how to improve your still images with the power of Light by understanding natural light along with the use of light modifiers and off camera fill flash.

At World Workshops you will learn how to interface with light with the World Photographic Exposure Calculator, a device that simplifies how to improve your photography by understanding f stop, stutter speed and ISO as it controls Depth of Field, motion and focus.

World Photographic Workshops are often hosted at locations that bring your lens up close and personal with villagers and conservation programs-offering you the opportunity to capture the beauty of fragile eco systems and humanitarian outreaches.

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