This years Garden is started!

A Volunteer Pumpkin in One of the Flower Beds

On Monday, March 12, I finally got all the weeds out of the garden, the fresh compost mixed in, the drip irrigation system tuned up and a few plants in the ground. I know where “Grow like a weed came from!” I decided this year I am only going to grow stuff I really love to eat and is easy to grow! Onions are in the ground, so if they all make, I will be in onions for the whole year. My potatoes are in the classroom sprouting. This year I am planing Yukon Gold and Red New potatoes. Last year I tried Blue potatoes, no luck! I have Roma tomatoes, Big Boy and cherry tomatoes so far planted. Banana, Bell, Jalapeno, and Tabasco peppers in the ground. Some lettuce, cabbage and squash so far!

Here is a shot with my Canon G 9 (what a great camera to have in your pocket all the time) of a volunteer pumpkin in the cactus bed in front of the studio. Every year LaVelda decorates with pumpkins in the flower beds and I think one of the squirrels must have helped in the planting last year!. We had pumpkins growing wild in most of the flower beds. It seems the vines grow a foot a day.

The Lemon Tree (really a Lemon Bush!) is full of blooms and some on the Lime tree. Two of my Blueberry bushes are hanging in there! Last year I had a whole bed of strawberry’s, I can’t grow strawberry’s. If you know how, let me know! I can grow grape tomatoes! Last years plant was 4′ x 4′ x 6′ tall! And I planted one small sprig of Mint two years ago, that stuff is like Kudzu! It took over one 4′ x 4′ raised bed, snuck out the sides and started to take over the whole corner. I pulled every bit out and all the dirt in the whole bed! Never again!!!!!


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