Cooking Outdoors on our “Boys Only” Long weekend

This last weekend, Randy and I rewired his cabin at his place people call the Bastrop County  Project. My wife LaVelda, had planned a trip to the D.C. area to visit her son. We have  been working on our upcoming tour the last few weeks and it was time to do some physical work! We needed to work on his cabin. We started by redoing the electrical service that comes in the building and changed out the breaker box. We replaced all the plugs and switches, added a ceiling fan and several outdoor light fixtures. Randy dug a trench to lay the new wire, I worked on the wiring, we moved the furniture around so I could get to the plugs and we both plowed away at finishing the project!.

After a good day of sweating and working with your hands a man gets hungry. It was his turn to cook so Randy fixed a nice surf and turf on the outdoor smoker/grill. The appetizer was sliced smoke sausage with tomatoes and Pico-de-Gallo. Followed by his famous Salmon Scramble and Bacon wrapped Filet minion (we are men, we like meat! And yes there was vegetables in the appetizer.) We were going to do grilled asparagus, but opted for a nice mixed green salad instead.

The appetizer started with Mesquite Smoked Sausage from HEB in Bastrop sliced into 1/2 inch pieces for fast cooking. He mixed in fire roasted tomatoes and HEB brand Pico-de-Gallo. The best part was watching Randy open the can of tomatoes with his pocket knife! We are camping, so no can opener. Everything was wrapped in a heavy duty aluminum foil pouch and place on the smoker side of the grill.

The steaks were easy, they come already wrapped in bacon (as we know, everything is better with bacon), with a simple garlic salt and  fresh ground pepper dry rub. They were first smoked for about an hour over mesquite wood before transferring directly above the coals.

Now the Salmon Scramble, yum! Randy takes fresh wild Salmon from Central Market and pulls it apart like you would pull pork or de-bone a chicken. He mixed in one diced jalapenos (no seeds), 1/2  a chopped vine ripe tomato, 1/2 cup chopped onion, a little garlic salt and just a touch of feta cheese. Everything was place in a aluminum foil pouch and place on the smoker for about an hour before transferring to the grill side.

There is nothing like cooking and eating outdoors after a hard day’s work with your hands. After dinner, the light was perfect, Randy showed me the progress  he has made on the 11 Savannahs he created on his 15 acre photographic playground. You can read more about Randy and his journey of camping in the wilderness, watching  the light as it traveled across the sky and he laid out his 11 Savannahs with everything inline with earth, light and lens.

On Friday I dropped LaVelda off at the Austin airport, picked up some electrical supplies at the Lowes in Bastrop and headed to Randy’s place outside Smithville in Bastrop county. I brought the my converted utility trailer Randy calls the “Tiny-Bego” for me to sleep in over the long boys only weekend while LaVelda spent 4 1/2 days with her son in Old Town Alexandria Virgina. I will show some photos of the Tiny-Bego in the After Hours section of the website.

I am writing this while Randy cooks breakfast. We are having Cage Free Brown Eggs, Organics brand from Central Market, the rest of the sausage, and toast with Apricot Preserves.


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