The Tiny-Bego

All work and no play makes Doug a dull boy! I love camping, getting out in nature, taking photos, and just relaxing with LaVelda (I call her Schmoopie – We are Seinfield fans). But, I am too old to sleep on the ground! So I built the Tiny-Bego. I had an enclosed cargo trailer that I use when I haul all the equipment to events for the Texas Professional Photographers Association meetings. So I NEED a trailer. I did not want to go buy a travel trailer, I wanted to build something better than a tent but smaller than a full size travel trailer. I had always enjoyed seeing the small Tear Drop trailers that you can pull behind a car for camping, but I wanted something you can stand up in. So I took the idea of the Tear Drop with sleeping compartment up front and the kitchen in the back and built the Tiny-Bego.

One of the requirements is that I can still use it for hauling equipment, so the kitchen comes out! It takes me about two hours to remove the kitchen, appliances, the kitchen cabinets and bed. Then it is ready for hauling equipment. It takes about four hours to re assemble everything!

For TPPA we have three main events:

1. The famous Texas School of Photography the first week of May in Dallas. If you are considering starting a career in Photography, this is a must!

2. The TPPA Summer Round Up – a family photography event! It is held in the beautiful hill country of south central Texas town of Kerrville in mid to late June. This is where you as the photographer gets to attend a photo event and bring your spouse and kiddos!

3. The final event is the Texas Photo Expo and Spring Market, this happens this year in Sept and in 2013 we are moving it to the Spring. Every other year (the even years) the event is run by the Southwest Professional Photographers Assoc, TPPA and me plan the odd year events. If you think you want to presure a career as a portrait or wedding photographer you should join TPPA and start attending these educational programs.

Any way, from May – Sept, the trailer is used to haul equipment for TPPA, from Sept to May, it is out little camper! A perfect match!

As you will notice, the back door (or some might think it is a ramp for loading stuff) folds down and becomes a patio and platform for cooking at the Rear Kitchen. When we camp, I give Schmoopie the week off from cooking, and I do all the culinary duties! If we are having inclement weather, I have a pop up tent like you see at county fairs for booths.  (or we just go out to eat!)

This thing is so cool, here is a shot of the kitchen. Everything comes out except for the one tall cabinet on the left where all the electrical and plumbing connections are. Inside there is a row of cabinets about 12″x12″ on the top port side (left – I had a sailboat for a couple of years). It connects to the tall cabinet in the back and goes all the way to the front closet and dressing table. I ran the power on top of it.

There is even a tiny toilet in the front cabinet for middle of the night emergencies or if you are driving in the middle of nowhere and there is no gas station or the gas station you stopped at is so filthy that Schmoopie won’t even hover above it! 😉

We always stop at nice RV parks, our favorites are KOA. They always seem to have nice clean showers and restrooms. There is always a picnic table and grill for outdoor cooking. I just love to grill steaks, chicken, salmon and vegetables. I have the standard Cast Iron Dutch Oven and a whole array of pots and pans. This Tiny-Bego even has hot and cold running water in the kitchen. We sleep on a Futon from Ikea, it is really comfortable! And we have two chairs and a table for the “Patio”!

I will be posting some of my favorite camping photos in the photography section in the coming months.

Remember, don’t just work! Make time for yourself and your spouse!

Enjoying Morning Coffee

Putting on Make up in the Tiny-Bego

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